Yes/No Foods

  • Gluten/Wheat/Spelt/Rye/Barley/Oats
  • Pastry/Bread/Cakes/Dough/Batter
  • Starch ( if unspecified)
  • Fried food (if fried in same oil as battered foods)
  • most sausages/burgers
  • Whisky/Bourbon/Beer
  • Barley squash drinks
  • Soy Sauce/Miso/Oyster Sauce
     *  Check - packet spice mixes and sandwich meats.
     *   Some mustard (and therefore salad dressings), some stock cubes (and therefore sauces).

  • milk/cheese/cream/yoghurt
  • whey/lactose/buttermilk
  • butter/(most margarines)

  • All Fruit/Veg/Eggs
  • All raw unprocessed meats/fish
  • Maize/Corn/Rice/Tapioca/Potatoes/Quinoa 
  • tinned Lentils/Chickpeas
  • Houmous/Jam/Peanut butter
  • Vegan margarine
  • Wine/Rum/Vodka/Gin/Cider
  • Gram flour - and therefore some plain popadoms
  • Tapioca flour - and therefore some plain prawn crackers
  • Rice flour - and therefore many spring roll wrappers/rice noodles

    ** can eat glutinous rice - it's named this because it's sticky but it doesn't contain any gluten!
    *  if lactose- but not milk-intolerant, you will find mature cheeses and edam contain no lactose (check carbohydrates listed are 0.1g or less).