Food Preparation

It is very important to remember when preparing food for people with allergies that even a small amount of the allergen can make someone ill.  In the case of coeliacs, even a crumb of bread will make them ill.

It's therefore essential to clean and use a separate chopping board, pans and utensils if preparing free-from in your kitchen. For gluten, it is equally important to not use jarred/tubbed foods like jam or margarine when bread knives have been in contact with them.  Me and my husband have separate marg pots to avoid this, and use spoons with jars of mustard etc.  Using spoons is a good way to stop cross-contamination (but obviously as long as people don't wipe the spoon on their bread!).... Oh, and steer clear of toasters - lots of crumbs!

Check out my post on meals that can be naturally gluten free without much effort/special ingredients: Catering for a DF Coeliac.  There's also some great advice on this glutenfree traveller blog.  Remember if you have any questions, ask your coeliac friend, they are the expert because they have to live like this everyday!