Brand Foods

Gluten and Dairy free Brand foods
There's some overpriced, tasteless stuff out there, so here are some of the things I can't do without and stuff I'd recommend...

And for those of you who are visual - here's my pinterest pinboard of brand foods and some recipes I've found:

HFS = Health Food Shops

Stock Cupboard Essentials
Kallo stock cubes
Marigold bouillion
Dove's GF Plain Flour Mix
Granovita Yeast/Mushroom Pate (Asda/HFS)
Salute Rice Pasta (sold by Ocado - it really is the best GF pasta)
Granovita Brown rice pasta (HFS)
Sunita Pesto genovese (cheese-free) (HFS)
Sacla freefrom pesto (tesco)
Alpro UHT Soya Milk + CalciumPotato doves potato Starch/flour* (morrisons/tesco)

*Potato Flour is the best thing I've found to thicken sauces and gravy.  It's used in Chinese cooking lots.  Just mix a couple of teaspoons in a cup and mix with a little water, then mix stir into your sauce and heat to thicken.

Newburns seeded loaf
Newburns wraps
Bfree wraps
Schar Ciabatta Rolls
TrueFree waterbiscuit type Crackers
Dietry Specials rice/corn crackers
Morrisons GF crackers

Discovery Taco Trays
Old El Paso Taco Shells
Mrs Crimbles Corn crackers
Corn thins
Kallo rice cakes

Non-Dairy Dairy
Pure Margarine
Alpro original soya Milk
Koko coconut milk (very mild flavour)
Mayola Mayo
Helmans original mayo (contains egg but not milk)
Alpro Yoghurts
Alpro Cream
Cheezly - Soya Cheddar/Edam (HFS)
Tofutti cream-cheese style spreads (HFS) -tesco now do their own version.

Kettle Chips Plain
Nandos Crisps Peri chicken/hot
Seabrooks Crinkle cut Plain
(Some brands) Prawn Crackers
(Some) Bombay mix
(Some) Popadoms
(All) Humous - except pesto flavoured
(All) Smoked Salmon (not buttered)
(some) Antipasti/Olives/cured Italian meats
(Almost all) Peanut butter (avpid cheap ones that contain wheat dextrose)
(Almost all) Jam. Avoid cheap ones that contain glucose-fructose syrup whch could be eheat-derived.
(Some) Lemon Curd (check for butter)
9Bar carob seed bars
Nakd fruit+nut bars ( not the oaty bars)
Mrs Crimbles coconut rings - be careful as Mrs Crimbles makes Wheat-free Rye biscuits and cakes too, which are not GF.
Humdinger white choc buttons,"milk" choc buttons, soya choc bars (Tesco)
Celtic Chocs caramel chocs (sainsburys)  These are the best!! 

Clive's Pies GF pies (HFS)
Organic Beany Soya Burgers/Sausages (HFS)
Swedish Glace Ice-cream (amazing and in most supermarkets!!)
Youngs Freefrom fish fingers
McCains Oven chips and quickcook fries
McCains Hash browns
McCains Wedges
Calippo ice lolly tubes

Many brand chocolates are gluten free like cadbury's and Thorntons (check CoeliacUK food directory) but not milk free.  Many of the GF sweets are also milk free though:
Haribo - star mix, strawberries...lots so check the CoeliacUK directory.
SwizzelMatlow - drumsticks, parmaviolets, lollies, love hearts, ...
Many Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons own brand sweets too (see Cuk directory).