Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lentils, Polenta etc...

"Other Information

Warnings: Wheat and other cereal grains may occasionally be found in this product due to the way that lentils are grown and harvested."
Lentils and Polenta (coarsely milled corn) should be gluten free and suitable for a coeliac diet, but due to the way it is either harvested or packaged this is often not the case.  I'm avoiding it altogether at the moment because I've given up trying to find certified gluten free packs.  
The supermarkets are at least now labelling their packets appropriately (see above) - I suspected I was reacting to lentils long before the labelling changed, which was baffling at the time. So I started washing it thoroughly before cooking, but I'm not convinced this is good enough and then finding an actual ear of wheat in my lentils was the final straw (excuse the pun)!
It is so frustrating, especially as pulses are potentially a really nutritious and economic substitute for gluten-containing grains.