Friday, October 26, 2012

Yes Pizza Hut! Well done!

Just had the most amazing yummy pizza hut pizzas.  The base is soft and tasty - just like regular one. We ordered GF ones for the whole family even though my hubby is not coeliac and he was really impressed too.

It's such a brilliant idea to make them square so you know it's your order - otherwise I would've had to get them to check and double check as it was so like a normal pizza! It's reassuring to be able to identify it as the freefrom one straight away.

I love that you can order any of the toppings as they are all GF. And of course if you are milk intolerant and not just lactose intolerant you can order without cheese.  

My only gripe is that you can only order these from the restaurant branches and not the takeaway shops, but who knows they may do them in the future if they are as popular as they have been so far.  Our local chain has had trouble keeping up with demand already so ring ahead to check they have stock!