Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pizza Autumn Fever...

Well, this Autumn lots of big Pizza chains have announced they will be serving GF pizza which is prepared and cooked separately to the gluten-containing ones: Pizza hut, Dominos, Zizzis, Prezzo and Ask Italian.



I've yet to try them, but all the reviews on the coeliac forums I've read for the Pizza hut GF pizzas are overwhelmingly positive.  What great news! Pizza hut have even been working with leading charity CoeliacUK in order to get the preparation right.  I read a while back that Dominos were going to start offering GF Pizzas in the US, but they had such a long disclaimer paragraph that I think it would be pretty likely there'd be issues of contamination with toppings and how they are cooked - which completely defeats the object!!

Pizza hut GF pizzas are square, which a great idea so you can feel confident you've been served the right one, can come with any topping and are served uncut (with their own pizza knife) in order to further avoid contamination issues. Brilliant.