Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bread Proofer - updated

You can now get hold of Brod and Taylor's electric bread proofer in the UK from Lakeland stores.  Unfortunately it will set you back £150 but it does get rave reviews and doesn't take up as much space as a bread maker (and it folds away).

There seems to be 2 key factors in getting GF bread to rise a) not kneading it, b) getting it to rise in a warm steamy environment in the first hour - unlike gluteny bread, which benefits from a long, slow overnight rise.  You can use glutenfreeonashoestring's microwave + hot tea towel method, but it does mean remembering to go back and reheat the towel every 20 mins which my nappy brain just can't seem to remember to do... Or you could buy a reasonable breadmaker for £60 but you need to make a batter style GF bread and use the longest setting (not the quick gluten free setting that some machines have!). See my post about machine GF bread. And I havent figured out how to make rolls yet as GF dough doesn't like being disturbed once it's risen!