Saturday, September 8, 2012

Soya Cheese Sandwhich

OK, so hard soya cheese can't just be sliced and stuck in a sandwhich - it just doesn't have quite the right texture and flavour.  However, if you grate it and mix with mayo and onion....Mmmm cheese and onion sarnie!  I'm loving Morrisons own mayo at the moment, but Hellmans full fat is also good. and also milk free.

Tesco soya cheese! In new chilled range. Not available in all stores - but worth asking if they'll stock it.

And my opinions on the bread to use...

  • Best "fresh" breads I would recommend (in order of preference): Yes bread (tesco), DS fresher fibre loaf, Genius, Warburtons. 
  • Best "non-fresh" breads that need "refreshing" in the microwave for 30 secs: Sainsbury's rosemary focaccia (pricey though), DS chiabata rolls, tesco free from English muffins, tesco multigrain loaf.