Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kid's Lunchbox Snacks

It's worth getting a load of small tuperware boxes of varying sizes/shapes to fill with snack-sized portions of food.  Make sure they are air-tight as some cheapies are not!

Fresh fruit: Grapes, chopped peach (skin removed), apple with a little lemon juice to stop it browning.
Dried Fruit: Raisins, chopped apricots, dates, dried apple chopped.
Nuts:  Peanuts are banned from schools, but cashews and almonds are more nutritious anyway.
GF Cereal: GF coco pops or cherio-style cereal.  I put these in with some dried fruit for variety.
Toddler Crisps: Goodies brand or mini rice cakes. Find in the baby aisle.  These are also low salt.
Dried Fruit Treats: e.g. school bars, Frootz buttons, Humdinger fruit stars - very processed so I expect there are no vitamins left, but these make a nice alternative to sweets nonetheless.
Yoghurt: I put half a soya yoghurt in a baby tuperware (or make my own soya yoghurt for a less sugary option and add vanilla and honey).
Indian snack bars: Cofresh brand coconut or peanut bars. Not very healthy but good for a change.
Popcorn: Homemade. Cook for 1 min in microwave in a bowl with pierced cling film on (no oil).
Poppadoms: Buy plain uncooked. cook for 1 min in microwave on a plate (no extra oil).
Houmous+ dippy things: Buy mini pots of houmous or fill a small tuperware. Box/bag up things to dip separately like crisps, poppadoms, carrot,celery,cucumber or crackers.  If houmous is too garlicy, try guacamole or home-made pate made from white beans like haricot or butter beans.
Home-made biscuits. Try my almond shortbread, or these recommended recipes for gingernuts or digestives.

Cheese:  Soya cheese is not very palatable uncooked, but if your child is only lactose intolerant but not milk intolerant (i.e. it doesn't give them exzema or spots) you could pack mini portions of hard cheese. Manchego is a good alternative to cow's milk cheese as it is like a creamy cheddar but made from sheep's milk.  I find it doesn't give me a bad skin reaction whereas cow's milk does.