Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Individually-wrapped kids treats

If your child is going to Nursery/Pre-school/Primary you may want to take in a box of individually-wrapped treats with a long shelf life so that they can have something when other children bring in birthday cakes etc.

Most supermarket ownbrand cakes only have a shelf life of 1 or two months, but here are some alternatives...

Here are some ideas mums/dads shared on the Coeliac Message Board:

GF and DF

  • Mrs Crimbles giant choc macaroon (most supermarkets)
  • Humdinger choc buttons (most supermarkets)
  • Sesame bars (most supermarkets)
  • Haribo - most fun-sized packs  (most supermarkets)
  • Tesco dollymix (check Cuk directory)
  • Swizzels lolly bags (most supermarkets)
  • Orgran mini outback animal choc cookies (sainsburys)
  • Alpro mini choc milkshakes UHT triple pack (most supermarkets)
  • Pink panther Wafers (not individually wrapped but will keep for ages in a tuperware)
  • Fabulous fudge factory dairy free fudge  (not individually wrapped but will keep for ages in a tuperware)
  • Lazy days Cakes (sainsb. or online)- not individually wrapped, but have 6 month shelf life, so they'll probably keep for a term wrapped individually in clingfilm. The choc caramel shortbread + choc orange tiffin are great.

Just GF (not Dairy-free):
  • De Celine individual cakes (Waitrose)
  • Nature's Path Crispy Rice Bites bars (Waitrose)
  • Choc/caramel wafers (Asda)
  • Byron Bay Individual cookies (Sainsburys)
  • NoWheat Choc Orange bars (tesco)
  • True Free custard creams/bourbons (all supermarkets)
  • Cadburys Fudge fingers  (most supermarkets)
  • Cadburys mini eggs small boxes  (most supermarkets)