Friday, January 6, 2012

GF DF Recipe Collection to download

The easiest way* to check out any of my past recipes is simply to download my Recipe Collection from the tab above (or here).  It's just a word doc and sorry no pictures yet .  These are my trusted and fave recipes and I aim to add to them in the future.  At the back there's also a big list of meal ideas for inspiration.  I hope you enjoy them.

Print them out, adapt them, and share them freely.  Just don't do what most successful GF bloggers do which is get decent at cooking and then charge people for the privilege of basic GF knowhow!  Or produce yet another overpriced secret flour blend...grrr !#?$

*Okay, so I've given up trying to adapt the googleblogger archive template to make it easier to view post titles rather than a random list of dates! BTW the help forum is rubbish and sends you to some questionable sites and advertising...!!