Friday, December 30, 2011

Home made soya yoghurt!

Yay I have an awesome yoghurt maker that my inlaws bought me for Christmas.  It's got 7 glass jars that fit into a warming unit.  Although you could use a thermos instead, but then you need to be careful about sterilisation when transferring to other containers to store in the fridge, so I think the multiple pot makers are the best.

Fingers crossed for my first batch of yoghurt!!  I found this plant foods website that gives good troubleshooting tips as well as step by step instructions, but if you google it there are others.  Already I realise I've not used the unsweetened soya milk but we'll see how this batch turns out in the morning...

...It worked! It worked! it set and it is delicious.  I used 2 teaspoons of live yoghurt and sugar in each pot.  I used alpro.  It's a shame I can't find a small pot of live soya yoghurt to use as starter culture as this would make it even more economical.  Will keep looking!