Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baking etc

Most normal recipes will work if you just substitute with GF flour and DF marg and add a little xanthum or glycerine. You may find you need to add vanilla as many GF flours are pretty tasteless.  Dense cakes like brownies work especially well as they usually use ground almonds rather than flour. Be sure to use a GF baking powder  and find a GF DF chocolate though.  The best recipes I've tried are a morrisons bakewell cake where I adapted the biscuit base and Phil vickery's cake book. 

There are some pretty odd recipes in books and on the web that are way too crumbly or gooey or just come out like hard bricks!  There's only a couple I make now: my traybake things and shortbread.  Glutenfree Goddess does have some good ones too like her raspberry coconut bars.

Still the hardest thing to create without gluten!  I've tried so many recipes and my loaves are still all rather "special" and not good enough to share with non gf people.  If you're happy to use a few eggs in a recipe you can get reasonable results, but I'd rather persist in my experiments for egg-free bread as, although I do eat eggs, I don't want to eat them everyday. Flat bread, DL's BBC recipe.  GFononashoestring has some great recipes but all using starchy flours/ flour mixes, so will be experimenting with my own some more...