Sunday, May 22, 2011

www. money making machine .com - so what happened to sharing?!

Ok, so I was thinking how different my son's life will be when he grows up. How different technology will be and what the internet will offer.  I hope that he will have free access to all the classic books  and music that no longer have copyright attached to them. Something made possible only by the internet.   There should be so much stuff in the public domain by then.  At least I hope there will be.

But unfortunately for this to happen requires sharing-minded people to upload things on to websites and, well,.....share stuff!  Wikipedia was developed with this idea in mind (and functions on charity donations as it's such a massive operation that it has to be staffed) and the Gutenberg project has collated hundreds of ebooks that can be downloaded for free.  This kind of large-scale sharing of free information doesn't happen a lot at the moment..  Sure there's a mass of info on the web, but with billions of forums/blogs/status updates, a lot of it is just telling us when someone we know or don't know had a cup of tea! groan!   The rest of the internet seems devoted to making money or duping us into downloading lethal viruses (just type "free" anything into google and you'll see what I mean)....

It's the same with gluten free recipes on the web.  You'll trawl though lots of sites that are all selling something - a magic new flour blend (overpriced) or a recipe book (most of which have 1 or 2 decent recipes in and then lots of questionable ones or insultingly simple salad ones).  I read a webpage recently about dreemee co. flour mixes that harks on about how Coeliac Disease has affected their family mealtimes and how important it is to them to share their amazing cake/bread recipes with other fellow coeliac sufferers .... etc.... so,  if they feel this so emphatically, why don't they just publish the recipe for their flour mix?  Why try and squeeze money out of us?

The glutenfree goddess blog is the first decent collection of gluten free baking recipes I've found online.  Gluten free girl has quite a few recipes and guidance and lots of general blogging about running restaurant with hubby.  See bottom right of this page for more recommended links to general recipe and bento box recipe websites (Japanese style packed lunches).

At the moment my blog is just a collection of recipes I've experimented with and info I've found useful.  However, at some point (when I have time!) I aim to take decent photos of the recipes and archive them better on the site so they can be searched through more easily.  When I have a fair amount of reliable staple recipes, I'll also publish a free PDF so you can print them at your leisure.

And, I shall never sell them.

*Yay* to sharing :0 )