Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New GF Baking book

I'm really impressed with the new Phil Vickery baking book (which my lovely husband bought me for Christmas).  The textures are great -  I've made the lemon biscuits which are soft!  I've made the honey cupcake things which are lovely and moist!  Thank you Phil!
Seriously Good! Gluten-free Baking: In Association with Coeliac UK

There are no really difficult to get hold of ingredients unlike the American GF recipe books I have, like babycakes, which ask for special bean flour and liquid/fruit sugars.  Also, I'm pleased the recipes work well with Doves Farm GF plain flour mix as I cannot be bothered to make my own mixes or keep loads of different types of flour in my cupboards*.

There's a good range of recipes -focaccia, breadsticks, biscuits, small cakes, big cakes, fancy coffee cakes.  I may well not use any other inferior GF baking books again!

Finally!!.....A GF baking book with recipes I can proudly feed to my friends with ingredients I can buy in a supermarket. Happy Baking Mama!...

honey cakes+ refrigerator biscuits

*Kitchen cupboard stuff: I always keep chickpea flour for making bhajis, potato flour for thickening sauces and GF plain flour for everything else.