Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Christmas....nearly!

Ok, so Christmas is pretty straight forward for coeliacs in terms of Christmas dinner.  Roasts are fine, just make sure you use GF stock cubes, thicken your gravy with corn or potato flour and make stuffing from GF breadcrumbs.  Oh, and steer clear of bread sauce and yorkshire puddings!

But what about starters/nibbles? Well, this year we'll be having...

  • smoked salmon rolled round cream cheese (soya cheese for me)
  • smoked salmon and cream cheese cucumber cups
  • dates wrapped in unsmoked streaky bacon
  • cherry peppers stuffed with cream cheese
  • GF mince pies (warmed on a separate tray to the normal mince pies) I'm thinking i'll need to sprinkle them with sugar or something to distinguish them as once they come out of the oven I won't know which is which!...
  • Amazing Celtic Caramel choclates (sold in sainsbury's and tescos) but if you don't need to be dairy free I think all Cadburys and Thorntons are fine (check on food list)

Let the festivities begin!....