Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, so I'm going to try making these little Japanese dumplings called Takoyaki tonight.  The usual recipe uses low gluten flour and eggs to make a batter, so I think they'll be fine GF.  I have bought a special pan before in one of my fits of Japanese food obsession.  It's like a griddle but with lots of ball-shaped dimples in it (I'll take a photo later).

The batter recipe is:
300g GF Plain Flour
3 Eggs
1 Litre ice-cold water
1tsp Dashi stock/fish stock
2tsps GF Soy Sauce

To make the batter mix all the ingredients and add the flour last. The GF flour is quite heavy, so make sure you mix the mixture each time before pouring into the pan.

Basically to cook you need to oil the pan with sunflower oil and heat it up on the hob.  pour batter into each well and  wait until the batter is cooked underneath before prodding the batter ball and moving it round to cook the other side.  If the ball's have holes, add a bit more batter.

Additions:  Before you turn the balls, push a piece of bacon, ham or cheese into the middle of each one!

Let's see how my GF ones turn out later!! Fingers crossed....

Update:  Well, I had so many disasters that I don't know where to start.  The first obstacle was having the gas man round on Mon night to remove some redundant gas pipes - needless to say they were not redundant and we were without cooker or heating until the next afternoon!!  It was a very cold night!

We managed to make some slightly charred takoyaki on Tues but, eventually, I  think we learnt the art of when to flip them and they tasted good with smoked salmon in the middle (apart from the burnt bits).  Then on Weds I tried to finish of the batter and just as I got to the point of taking the balls out of the pan, because the rivet had melted, the handle came off the pan and they all ended up face down on the dirty floor of our kitchen (which is permanently covered in builders dust because we're renovating and therefore the usual blow on them rule definitely doesn't apply!).  Arghhhh!!  And they looked so good too!  Think I'll have to ask for one of those table top self-heating takoyaki pans for my birthday then....

Maybe I'll have better luck next time!